Registration for faculty members interested in joining the FAUBAI-FARA Program


The Brazilian Association for International Education (FAUBAI) announces the FAUBAI-FARA Scholarship Program, offering scholarships for African students and researchers in Brazilian Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). The program is organized in partnership with the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA) and supported by the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund). A total of 500 scholarships will be offered for students and researchers in HEIs associated with FAUBAI, in the following levels/categories: Master’s Degree; Doctoral Degree; Sandwich Doctoral Program; and Postdoctoral Research.

To be eligible, the HEI must:

  • Offer the whole education in English:
  1. communication with the applicants in English;
  2. graduate programs with information in English (websites and other documents);
  3. possibility of writing and presenting the dissertation and thesis in English;
  4. possibility of completing all the required credits in English (institutions may share programs, enabling students to obtain credits in programs offered in-person or online by other institutions).

UFSC faculty interested in receiving African master’s students, doctoral students, sandwich doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers through the FAUBAI-FARA Program must:

  1. Fill in the FAUBAI registration form;
  2. Send an email to with the subject: “FAUBAIFARA – initials of the Graduate Program – name of the faculty member”, containing the following information:
  • full name;
  • email;
  • name of the Graduate Program;
  • number of places offered for Master’s Degree, Doctoral Degree, Sandwich Doctoral Program and Postdoctoral Research.

The due date to express interest is 30 August 2022.

For further information, watch the webinar about the program or send an email to