Internationalization Agents

In consonance with the accomplishment of its mission, the Office of International Relations, jointly with the Rector’s Office, has appointed Internationalization Agents for all UFSC campuses. This initiative aims to socialize information about the procedures related to the university internationalization, especially with regards to the services offered to UFSC national and international community.

The appointed agents are responsible for:

  • presenting the current possibilities for UFSC students interested in going on exchange;
  • providing the applicable procedures for faculty members interested in signing international cooperation agreements;
  • guiding international students enrolled at their respective campus or academic school about academic and administrative procedures as well as about life on campus and in the respective city;
  • monitoring and guiding students of the Brazilian Government’s Programa de Estudantes-Convênio de Graduação (PEC-G);
  • keeping an open communication channel with the Office of International Relations.

The team of agents is composed of a faculty member and a technical-administrative staff member from each campus.

Click here to see the current list of UFSC internationalization agents with their respective contact information.

Araranguá Campus

Blumenau Campus

Curitibanos Campus


Joinville Campus


Giane de Farias P. Santana

Prof. Ana Julia Dal Forno

Prof. Eloisa Pavesi
 Prof. Pablo Andretta Jaskowiak
Prof. Rogério Gomes de Oliveira

Prof. Catia Rosana Lange de Aguiar

 Prof. Julia Carina Niemeyer

 Yuri Machado Rocha

Cibelle Stahnke  Lehmkuhl

 Stefan Fritsche


 Florianópolis Campus
 Academic School  CCB (Biological Sciences)  CFH (Philosophy and Human Sciences) CCB (Biological Sciences) CCA (Agricultural Sciences)

Eduardo Machado Schiller

Renata Costa Silvério

Martina Blank

Ana Carla Bastos

Academic School  CFH (Philosophy and Human Sciences)  CFH (Philosophy and Human Sciences)  CCB (Biological Sciences)  CSE (Socio-Economic Sciences)


Elaine Thais da Silva Lima

 Diego Kosbiau Trevisan

 Mauricio Mello Petrucio

Thiago Cabral