Joinville Campus

 28-11-2013-19-53-42-ufsc-joinville-luciano-moraes-27-11-2013-webThe Joinville Campus is located 177 km north of Florianópolis. Opened in 2009, this campus offers engineering degree programs with focus on the development of automotive, subway, railway, maritime, fluvial, air and space transportation systems.

Currently, it offers undergraduate degrees in: Aerospace Engineering, Naval Engineering, Transportation and Logistics Engineering, Railway and Subway Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Infrastructure Engineering, Automotive Engineering and Interdisciplinary Program in Mobility. The campus also runs two master’s degree programs in Mechanical Engineering and Sciences and Electronic Systems Engineering.


Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs
Aerospace Engineering

Automotive Engineering

Civil Infrastructure Engineering

Science and Technology (Interdisciplinary Degree)

Naval Engineering

Mechatronics Engineering

Railway and Subway Engineering

Transportation and Logistics Engineering

Electronic Systems Engineering (Master’s degree)

Mechanical Engineering and Science (Master’s degree)

To learn more, visit the campus website:

Joinville Campus Presentation