Brazilian Portuguese Survival Course

The Brazilian Portuguese Survival Course was idealized by the Office of International Relations (SINTER) and produced by the Office of Distance Learning (SEAD) of the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC).

This course focuses on the need of our partners to have a first contact with the structure and vocabulary of Brazilian Portuguese before starting their mobility and/or academic cooperation activities in our federal institution of higher education.

The aim of the course is to enable students, faculty and technical-administrative staff from various parts of the world to carry out mobility and academic cooperation at UFSC through a virtual course that:

  • Provides structure and vocabulary so that the participants are able to communicate in an elementary level;
  • Assists in the process of welcoming its participants upon their arrival at UFSC;
  • Raises interest in learning the Brazilian language and culture.

The course is offered 100% online through the Moodle Platform, which is the Virtual Learning Environment (AVA) in which the participant will have access to the contents, resources and activities.

The first edition of the course will be offered to our international partners from English speaking countries to give them the opportunity of a first contact with the Brazilian language and culture in a practical and relaxed way.

 We will soon get in touch with our international partners to offer more details about the Brazilian Portuguese Survival Course.

 Watch here a short presentation: