Brazilian Portuguese Survival Course


The course is temporarily unavailable for technical adjustments. We will inform you when the situation becomes stable.

5 June 2023


The Brazilian Portuguese Survival Course, made available for partner institutions and the international community at UFSC from 27 March 2023, was conceived by the Office of International Relations (SINTER) during the term 2016-2022 and produced by the Office of Distance Learning (SEAD).

This course focuses on the need for our partners’ academic community to have a first contact with the structure and vocabulary of Brazilian Portuguese before starting their mobility and/or cooperation activities in our university.

The aim is to train students, faculty and staff from around the world through a course that:

  • provides the necessary structure and vocabulary to communicate in Portuguese at an elementary level;
  • helps in the process of welcoming and integrating the international community at UFSC;
  • sparks interest in learning the Brazilian language and culture.

The course totals 20 hours, is free of charge, self-instructional, and offered 100% online through the Moodle Groups Platform, which is the Virtual Learning Environment (AVA) used at UFSC. Upon completing the course, participants will receive a certificate of participation.

Watch a short presentation about the course here.

To take the course, follow these instructions:

  1. Create an account at UFSC as an external user: Instructions in Portuguese | Instructions in English.
  2. Register for the course here.
  3. Access the course.

In case of doubts, please contact us by e-mail: