The Office of International Relations (SINTER) establishes the following internal procedures to start a cooperation agreement with foreign universities:

1) Proponents from UFSC shall submit by email ( a Request Form properly completed and signed by the requesting faculty member and the respective Head of Department or Graduate Program Coordinator.

2) The requesting faculty member will be appointed as coordinator of the proposed cooperation agreement, under an ordinance issued by SINTER.

3) SINTER will be responsible for negotiating the agreement terms directly with the foreign institution. The duration of the negotiation is variable and depends on the foreign institution.

4) After all signatures have been collected, the proponent will be notified and the agreement information will be posted on our website.

5) The Request Form must be submitted up to 6 (six) months prior to the expected date of commencement of the Cooperation Agreement.

 Aspects to considered:

  • Existence of concrete cooperation actions (history, academic projects, networks, applications for funding, etc.) that will ensure the effectiveness of the agreement.
  • Reciprocity in the agreement terms and conditions.
  • Comprehensiveness in terms of areas of knowledge (whether the agreement is open to all departments) and of academic levels (whether it covers undergraduate and graduate studies). We will only enter into specific agreements if there are reasons that prevent a general agreement.
  • Institutional character: local proposals must have been previously approved in their original department (or original school, undergraduate program, graduate program, etc.).
  • Financial commitment: UFSC will not approve agreements which foresee financial commitment on the part of our institution.
  • Fee exemption: agreements must provide for mutual exemption from academic fees.
  • Agreements will not be automatically renewed.