2021.1 MRE Merit Scholarship for PEC-G students ‒ Applications from 21 January to 21 February 2021


Applications for the 2021.1 MRE Merit Scholarship are open from 21 January to 21 February 2021. The scholarship is destined for students of the Exchange Program for Undergraduate Students (PEC-G) at UFSC who have completed at least 2 semesters of study.

Offered by the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE), the Merit Scholarship consists of a monthly financial assistance worth R$ 622.00, during the period of six months.

Read the rules carefully in the Call for Applications DCEC 1/2021.

To apply, students must send the following documents, scanned in high quality and PDF format, to pecg.sinter@contato.ufsc.br until 11:59 p.m. on 21 February 2021.

  1. Application Formproperly filled in and signed;
  2. Commitment Statementproperly filled in and signed;
  3. Copy of the student’s passport page with the valid visa (VITEM – IV);
  4. Copy of the current RNM or its updated protocol (don’t worry, the MRE is aware that the CRMN expiry dates are delayed due to the pandemic. However, if you have a renewal appointment scheduled, please attach the proof of appointment);
  5. In case of participation in extracurricular research or outreach activities during the past two semesters, proof of student’s participation, indicating date of completion, duration and/or the workload;
  6. Individual letter of recommendation, written and signed by the instructor of a course taken in the last semester (2020.1).

The email must have as its subject “MÉRITO 2021 + APPLICANT’S NAME” (e.g.: MÉRITO 2021 ANA SILVA).

Attention: the Merit Scholarship cannot be accumulated with any other scholarship or aid. This is stated in the Commitment Statement. Students who are doing paid internships are not eligible for the scholarship.

We strongly suggest that all documents are digitally signed on the AssinaUFSC system: assina.ufsc.br

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