UFSC welcomes international community on campus


The Office of International Relations (SINTER) held a Welcome Session for the International Community, on 11 March, for international students arriving at UFSC for the first semester of 2024. The event took place at the Bosque da Ilha Auditorium, located at the UFSC Culture and Events Center, on Trindade Campus, in Florianópolis.

From left to right: rector Irineu Manoel de Souza; director André Ramos; prorector Dilceane Carraro; coordinator Amália Borges Dário. Photo: Maria Fernanda Honório

The Rector, Prof. Irineu Manoel de Souza, the Prorector for Undergraduate Students and Basic Education (PROGRAD), Prof. Dilceane Carraro, the Internationalization Coordinator of the Prorectorate for Graduate Studies (PROPG), Amália Borges Dário, and the Director of Internationalization, Prof. André Ramos, welcomed the students.

Recitation of the poem “Ser Imigrante” [Being an immigrant], written by the student Richardson Yonel Civil. Photo: Maria Fernanda Honório

Presentation of Bateria Universitária Devassa da Associação Atlética Acadêmica de Medicina da UFSC [Student percussion band “Devassa” of UFSC Medicine Student Athletic Association] at the Welcome Session for the International Community. Photo: Caroline Finatti

In addition to welcoming the students, the event included the presentation of important information about UFSC to the newcomers, and specific guidance to the groups. The schedule also encompassed two cultural moments: the first one with the recitation of the poem “Ser imigrante” [Being an immigrant], written by Richardson Yonel Civil, from Haiti, UFSC medicine student and member of the Associação des Jeunes Haitiens en Sciences de la Santé -AJHASS [Association of Young Haitians in Health Science]; and the second moment, during the coffee break, with the performance by the group Bateria Universitária Devassa da Associação Atlética Acadêmica de Medicina da UFSC [Student percussion band “Devassa” of UFSC Medicine Student Athletic Association].


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UFSC welcomes international students on campus


The Office of International Relations (SINTER) will hold, on 6 March, a welcome session for international students arriving at UFSC in the first semester of 2023. The event will take place at the Rectorate Building Auditorium, on the Trindade (Florianópolis) Campus, starting at 10 am.

In addition to the welcoming speeches, the session will include important information about UFSC and cultural presentations.

This event is organized at the beginning of each semester by the Office for International Relations (SINTER) to welcome and integrate international students into the academic and social life at UFSC. It is aimed at the entire international student community, that is, undergraduate and graduate degree-seeking students and exchange students, including participants from specific programs coordinated by SINTER, such as Escala Estudiantes de Grado and Escala Estudiantes de Posgrado of the Asociación de Universities Grupo Montevideo [Association of Montevideo Group Universities] (AUGM) and the Programa de Estudantes-Convênio de Graduação (PEC-G).

This semester, UFSC will welcome 74 exchange students from 17 countries. We will also receive five PEC-G (undergraduate) students, coming from Chile, Paraguay and Guinea Bissau, in addition to students entering Graduate Programs.

Access the schedule: International Students Welcome Session 2023.1

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