The Outgoing Program is aimed at UFSC undergraduate students interested in studying for one or two semesters at a foreign university with which UFSC holds an agreement.

The program does not offer scholarships, but students are exempt from tuition fees at the host university. Applications remain open throughout the year. Those wishing to apply must do so in the semester prior to the exchange semester.

Important:  A thorough reading of the call for applications, which contains all the program requirements and application procedures, is required before applying on SINTER’s Online Application System.

For further information, read the Outgoing Student Exchange Handbook!

Manual information separated by topics (download the files to access the links):

Click here for further information and documents regarding the exchange program.

UFSC Undergraduate Programs Regulation: Resolution no. 17/Cun/1997

UFSC Academic Exchange Regulation: Resolution no. 7/CUn/1999

Calls for Applications – Outgoing Program
Open Calls:
Closed Calls: 2023

Call no. 1 SINTER 2023

HRW Scholarship – Information

Offenburg Scholarship – Information


Call no. 2 SINTER 2022


Call no. 5 SINTER 2021 


Call no. 3 SINTER 2020

Call no. 3 SINTER 2020 (rectified)


Call no. 1 SINTER 2019