Worldwide-international-communication-conceptThe Office of International Relations (SINTER) is a central executive body of Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC), directly linked to the Rector’s Office (GR), which mainly aims at:

  • promoting the university’s interaction with international organizations and institutions of higher education, research, technological innovation and art conservatoires;
  • establishing and giving support to  technical, scientific and cultural cooperation agreements;
  • providing exchange opportunities for UFSC students, faculty and staff; and
  • assisting the University on academic, administrative and (when necessary) financial matters, in the development of activities involving international organizations.


As provided for in the Institutional Development Plan (PDI) 2020-2024, SINTER supports and implements actions to foster the internationalization of UFSC, understood as a comprehensive area that permeates education, research, outreach and management.

The participation in international programs and the establishment of partnerships with the best universities in the world result in growing opportunities for the university community and promote the internationalization of UFSC’s campuses.

The UFSC internationalization policy seeks to promote the scientific and technological excellence of the country and to provide solidarity among nations. The internationalization actions are connected to the goals of undergraduate and graduate education, research and outreach, and are responsible for increasing the academic quality of the institution.

Fundamntal objectives (2022-2025)

  • To broaden the culture, horizons, and perspectives of internationalization towards multilateralism and multilingualism, aiming at international solidarity and academic excellence.
  • To collectively define a policy of international relations that addresses the diversity of contexts and interests that exist within the University, and that promotes its fundamental mission.

Key priorities (2022-2025)

  • Strengthening relations with the Global South;
  • Democratization of international opportunities;
  • Democratization of the international relations management;
  • Improvement of SINTER´s working processes.