NILT and the Virtual Courses for the Internationalization of UFSC


The Institutional Center for Languages and Translation (NILT), linked to SINTER, will give courses aimed at better preparing for UFSC’s Internationalization process:

  1. Cultural texts in German: a translation practice (16h);
    2. Spanish Proficiency Exams: familiarization (16h);
    3. Written production in English – abstracts (16h);
    4. Reading and comprehension of Calls for Scholarships to study in Italy – Italian for specific purposes (16h);
    5.Portuguese for foreigners: Unveiling the Reading process: first steps (16h);
    6. Portuguese for foreigners: First steps in academic writing: the paragraph (16h);
    7. Portuguese for foreigners: Aspects of academic writing in Brazilian Portuguese: review, scientific article and abstract (16h).

All courses will be free of charge.

More information about the courses and the link for registration will be available soon on SINTER website.