• Preliminary result of the Students Exchange Program Brasil-Colômbia (BRACOL)

    Publicado em 18/04/2017 às 15:19

    The Office of International Relations (SINTER), according to Edital n.º 05/SINTER/2017, publishes the preliminary result of the Students Exchange Program Brasil-Colômbia (BRACOL) GCUB-ASCUN for an exchange in Colombia during the second semester of 2016.
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  • Applications for the Programa de Intercâmbio de Estudantes Brasil – Mexico (BRAMEX) from GCUB are open until 7 May

    Publicado em 17/04/2017 às 17:41

    The Office of International Relations (SINTER) informs that applications for the exchange program between Brazil and Mexico (BRAMEX), whose main purpose is to encourage higher education students to go on exchange  between member institutions of the Grupo Coimbra de Universidades Brasileiras (GCUB) and the Instituciones de Educación Superior de la República Mexicana (ANUIES), are open.

    Applications must be done until 7 May, 2017.

    To know all the rules of the program, check the Public Call no. 06/2017/SINTER.



    Publication of the call 17 April 2017
    Applications  Until 7 May 2017
    Publication of the preliminary result  8 May 2017
    Appeal 9 May 2017
    Interview with the selected candidates between 11 and 12 May 2017
    Publication of the final result 15 May 2017

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  • Applications for the Outgoing Program

    Publicado em 17/04/2017 às 11:22

    The Office of International Relations (SINTER) has published a call with the rules for UFSC undergraduate students to apply for exchange via Programa Outgoing.

    UFSC Online application system will remain open. To do the exchange, the students will need to follow  the deadlines of the host institution according to the rules published by the present call.

    All the doubts about application procedures should be solved via e-mail (
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  • Final result of the selection for Programa Escala Estudiantes de Grado from AUGM

    Publicado em 12/04/2017 às 21:19

    In accordance with the Public Call no. 4/2017/SINTER from 20 Fevereiro de 2017, the selection commission designated through the Ordinance no. 16/SINTER/2017 makes public the final result of the selection for Programa Escala Estudiantes de Grado of the Asociación de Universidades Grupo Montevideo (AUGM) for student exchange in the second semester 2017.
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  • Preliminary Result of the “Programa Escala Estudiantes de Grado” from AUGM

    Publicado em 10/04/2017 às 14:49

    The Office of International Relations (SINTER) publishes the preliminary result of the Programa Escala Estudiantes de Grado from AUGM for the second semester of 2017, according to the Public Call no. 4/2017/SINTER (of 20 February 2017).
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  • Study in Europe Road Show promotes exchange opportunities for UFSC students

    Publicado em 07/04/2017 às 13:03

    Image result for Study in Europe road show

    The Study in Europe Road Show, that brought together representatives of European institutions and official agencies to discuss exchanges opportunities in Europe, took place yesterday, 6 April, at the EFI Auditorium, on UFSC Florianópolis campus. In addition to the lectures on the subject, during the whole day, students were able to talk and ask specific questions to the representatives of six countries that attended the event. Germany, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Ireland and Sweden were the countries represented, and the event had a large number of visitors.

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  • SINTER is now on Facebook too!

    Publicado em 04/04/2017 às 16:19

    Like our Facebook page to get to know the international study opportunities, ask us questions, and learn about the events taking place at UFSC.

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    Publicado em 27/03/2017 às 16:41

    Image result for CAPES

    A meeting of Prorectors for Graduate Studies, Prorectors for Research, and Secretaries for International Relations of Higher Education Institutions of the Brazilian Southern Region took place on 17 March at PUC in Porto Alegre, in order to present to the academic community the national program Mais Ciência, Mais Desenvolvimento – MCMD [More science, More development], which shall replace the Ciência sem Fronteiras – CsF [Science without Borders) program.

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  • Lecture on the Italian University System

    Publicado em 24/03/2017 às 13:56

    On 11 April, a lecture will be held at UFSC on the topic: “UNIVERSITY ITALIAN SYSTEM”. The lecture has the purpose of presenting the Unifaidate Platform and will take place at the EFI (Shared Building) Auditorium on Florianópolis campus, at 2 pm. The lecturer, Marcos Vinícius Correa Cardenas, will address undergraduate and graduate students, faculty members, alumni, professionals and the community in general.

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  • Applications for the Programa de Intercâmbio de Estudantes Brasil – Colômbia (BRACOL) from GCUB are open until 16 Abril

    Publicado em 21/03/2017 às 16:15

    SINTER informs that applications for the Programa de Intercâmbio Brasil-Colômbia (BRACOL) are open. The program aims at promoting  the exchange of higher education students among the member institutions of the  Grupo Coimbra de Universidades Brasileiras (GCUB) and the Associación Colombiana de Universidades (ASCUN).

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  • ELAP (Canada) Scholarship 2017

    Publicado em 03/03/2017 às 13:10


    Promoted by the Government of Canada, the Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program (ELAP) offers scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students (at master’s and doctoral levels) from Latin America and the Caribbean to go on exchange in universities in Canada.

    Applications: 25 April 2017 is the deadline for Canadian universities to submit the applications of Brazilian students to the Government of Canada. Therefore, SINTER will obey the deadlines stipulated by the Canadian institutions. In this sense, it is up to the interested student to observe what is fixed by his or her destination institution.

    Period of exchange: The student or researcher’s studies must start between 1 June 2017 and 1 February 2018.

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