We would like to inform the academic community that, due to the expense contingencies and the blockade of funds by the federal government, UFSC has suspended – for an indefinite period – all academic mobilities offered through the Escala Docente, Escala Grado, Escala Posgrado and Gestores y Administradores programs managed by AUGM (the Montevideo Group Association of Universities) and through the BRACOL and BRAMEX programs managed by GCUB (the Coimbra Group of Brazilian Universities).

Trips by representatives of AUGM Discipline Groups and Academic Committees are also suspended.

We also inform that, due to this scenario, no calls for applications will be launched for the selection of students, faculty and staff to go on exchange through the said programs in 2020. This way, we ask faculty members not to sign invitation letters, application forms, learning agreements, or any other documents related to these programs’ activities for the 2019 second semester or later. In case of doubts, we kindly ask faculty members to consult us before signing any such documents.

UFSC Central Administration considers the early suspension of mobility activities a more reasonable measure than incurring the risk of not honoring its financial commitments to these cooperation programs.

As soon as the economic situation is normalized, all programs will be resumed and the concerned students, faculty and staff will be communicated.

SINTER clarifies that all exchanges carried out through UFSC’s bilateral agreements (Outgoing Program) will not be affected by the Government’s blockade, because these are not funded by UFSC resources.

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Applications open for the AUGM Escala Posgrado Program – Joint Call n. 01/2018


The Office of International Relations (SINTER) announces that applications for the Escala Posgrado Program are open from 6 September  to 1 October 2018 according to the Joint Call n.01/SINTER/PROPG – Escala Posgrado. The exchange program is aimed at graduate students enrolled at UFSC. Six scholarships (three for master’s students and three for doctoral students) will be offered to cover accommodation and food expenses, as well as exemption of tuition fees at the host institution. Applicants must send all the documents scanned and in Portable Document Format (.pdf) to the email


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